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Do you feel it's time to make the courage to start working towards the goals you're setting but you get too busy to even think about them? 


Do you find it hard to balance your responsibilities at work and how you want to show up for your family?

Self Care

Do you find it hard to relax and gift yourself time to enjoy the life you have? Do you feel a bit burned out?

Do you feel a bit stuck? Do you have things you want to create in your life, yet you don't take the action needed to create them?
Are your day-to-day responsibilities getting in the way of you reaching your goals?

Schedule a 30 min intro meeting. This time will help you clarify your top goals and discover the best next steps to reach them 

Journey to Point B - Podcast 

This podcast is created to provide you with the inspiration you need to pursue your dreams by learning from other people that have achieved similar goals.

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Lucia was incredibly inviting and easy to talk to about anything I felt had been holding me back. Throughout our sessions, her questions got me to think past certain roadblocks which allowed me to brainstorm ways to overcome those obstacles. Her comforting advice and intentional listening made me want to open up and be vulnerable. She helped me see unhealthy patterns in my thought processes and showed me how to address them and take action toward progress and away from procrastination. I highly recommend spending any amount of time with her, for there will always be wisdom gained.

SS, Financial Professional

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Very lucky to call Lucia Csoma my coach. In just the past few weeks, Lucia has helped me identify incremental changes that have already reaped benefits in both my career and personal life, allowing me to strategize better for achieving long-term goals. Plus, she is such a joy to speak with and a delightful person all around.

CC, Business Development Representative

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Lucia is a Godsend. Her sweet energy and loving ways push down all your walls. She is a person you can trust. I love how she helps me to put an order in my messy mind so I can move forward in the direction of my goals. That's a SuperPower. She can see the good in you and she knows how to bring it out. I'm really thankful to God for bringing her into my life.

Unforgettable Coach and a Beautiful Soul

SB, Photography Mentor

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