Lucia brings all of her personal and professional experience to coaching engagements, and her insights are tremendously valuable. I especially valued learning from Lucia's personal journey, and she referred me to very useful resources from her extensive portfolio of articles, podcasts, and books. I heartily endorse Lucia as a coach for your personal and professional development and growth.

Read on LinkedIn: AK, HR Leader 

Working with Lucia helped me realize the things I value most in life and pursue them in spite of my challenges. Through her unique style of coaching, I learned some of the deepest fears in my life and was able to put together an action plan to move on through life without them. 

Lucia is a great communicator and takes her time to ensure you feel confident and leave the coaching session a motivated individual.

Read on LinkedIn: TJP, Business Opportunities Developer

Lucia is a strong coach with solid coaching skills on a foundation of empathy, understanding, and clarity. She helped me create some powerful internal shifts with some work-related issues; where I found clarity and set clear goals for future success. As I created more change I could really notice the power of coaching and Lucia led me through this with so much comfort. I am hooked on coaching!

Thank you!

Read on LinkedIn: RM,  Learning and Leadership Development Coach

Lucia was incredibly inviting and easy to talk to about anything I felt had been holding me back. Throughout our sessions, her questions got me to think past certain roadblocks which allowed me to brainstorm ways to overcome those obstacles. Her comforting advice and intentional listening made me want to open up and be vulnerable. She helped me see unhealthy patterns in my thought processes and showed me how to address them and take action toward progress and away from procrastination. I highly recommend spending any amount of time with her, for there will always be wisdom gained.

Read on LinkedIn: SS, Financial Professional

Very lucky to call Lucia Csoma my coach. In just the past few weeks, Lucia has helped me identify incremental changes that have already reaped benefits in both my career and personal life, allowing me to strategize better for achieving long-term goals. Plus, she is such a joy to speak with and a delightful person all around.

CC, Business Development Representative

Lucia is a Godsend. Her sweet energy and loving ways push down all your walls. She is a person you can trust. I love how she helps me to put an order in my messy mind so I can move forward in the direction of my goals. That's a SuperPower. She can see the good in you and she knows how to bring it out. I'm really thankful to God for bringing her into my life.

Unforgettable Coach and a Beautiful Soul

SB, Photography Mentor

I’ve known Lucia for more than 13 years now and coaching has been always second nature to her. Lucia’s dedication to her clients is nothing short of inspiring. She patiently listens and is able, in a short amount of time, to provide tips, and guidance to develop a strategy, and help understand what you need to improve in a completely non-judgmental way. I highly recommend working with Lucia because she is someone who can help you reach your full potential.

Read on LinkedIn: AC, Legal Assistant Paralegal

I was coaching with Lucia and I was very happy about our coaching time and her coaching skills. 

She was listening to me actively, and provided effective feedback, and we could brainstorm to find out possible solutions to my issue. I highly recommend her.

Read on LinkedIn: SS, Semiconductor Engineer

Lucia brings all of her personal and professional experience to coaching engagements, and her insights are tremendously valuable. I especially valued learning from Lucia's personal journey, and she referred me to very useful resources from her extensive portfolio of articles, podcasts, and books. I heartily endorse Lucia as a coach for your personal and professional development and growth.

Read on LinkedIn: AK, HR Leader

I've known Lucia personally and professionally for many years. She has been my to go friend and advisor any time I need help making important decisions as it relates to career advancements or personal development. She has a natural talent for listening and guiding through decision making process. When she became a coach, I was the first to sign up for her services. I was going through a phase in my life when I needed professional help and Lucia was amazing. She worked diligently to understand my objectives and provided me with some great tools to enable my decision. Lucia is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. 

I highly recommend Lucia as your coach, it will be one of the best investment you could do for you.

Read on LinkedIn: VA, Oracle Partner Director

I started working with Lucia at my friend's suggestion. At that time I was exhausted, stressed, and paralyzed due to the shocking life challenges I was facing (fleeing my home country from war after receding cancer suspicion). Our sessions with Lucia have helped me shed light on my anxiety, limitations, self-imposed expectations, and fears. They helped me to grasp what direction I want to move in, take a leap of faith and take the first step. 

Lucia is an excellent listener who often provides insightful observations and makes sure I am leaving a session with an action plan. I can feel she is truly happy to see my progress. I definitely recommend her to people who are ready to change something in their lives.

Read on LinkedIn: AB, Grant Programme Coordinator

Lucia is an expert of her craft. In my conversation with her, I found her approach to first ask very strategic questions to understand one's circumstances, which very quickly leads to direct and objective dialogue and breaking down the different roots of the challenge and addressing them one at a time. Before I knew it came all together with clarity of next steps. 

Her guidance and advice is very logical, objective, optimistic, honest, and transparent.

Read on LinkedIn: AK, Director of Operations

It is a fundamental truth in business that none of us can think of everything. What Lucia did for us was transformative for our company. She operates with humility, grace and brings many decades of real-life business experience into the discussions. She helped us see things that we were not seeing.

This isn’t our first company, and most of our team are experienced businesspeople. Lucia listened carefully and helped us identify gaps in our thinking and showed us a different way to examine our own thought processes.

When you need a coach who can speak to high-level management visioning and then bring that visioning down to earth, Lucia is a superb choice. Feel free to message anyone on our Capital Finders team and ask what they think about Lucia..

Read on LinkedIn: MS, President and CEO

Lucia's coaching style and insight into how to break down problems and make them feel approachable was something that I needed at a point in my career where I was ready to make some changes, but didn't quite know where to start.

Lucia was able to guide me through lessons which gave me perspective and a mindset that nudged me to seek better balance within my "wheel of life".

Lucia expertly knows when to listen, provide actionable feedback, and when to let the silence bring that "Aha!" moment.

I deeply valued our coaching sessions and highly recommend her.

Read on LinkedIn: AS, Senior Director of Design

Lucia was super insightful during a time when I really needed help navigating some challenging professional decisions. 

She was thoughtful, empathetic and effective in how she helped me uncover my motivations and how to move forward. 

She is a great partner!

Read on LinkedIn: RT, President and Co-Founder

If you're on a journey to increase your effectiveness as a human and a leader, I strongly encourage you to connect with Lucia. I consider her a friend after meeting at a business networking event. We've known each other professionally and personally for almost 2 years now. Lucia is a great listener, a great friend, and someone who has an impressive professional background. 

From a coaching standpoint, I'll be honest. Before I met Lucia, I was hesitant about this service. 

After a session with Lucia, I can see how helpful this service is. Lucia has a calling; she is fantastic at her craft and will help guide the conversation to ensure you're being reflective. 

Then she will hold you accountable (if you need it!). 

Lucia is talented and has a heart of gold. She is amazing to work with and has a deep passion for elevating others.

Read on LinkedIn: JA, Relationships/Sales/Marketing Guru

Lucia is an extremely helpful, knowledgeable and all around positive person! She listened to my story, wants and process and was able to help me mold a clear and effective path to reach my goals.

More importantly, Lucia helped me to change my mindset regarding my decision making. She pin pointed various tasks and provided ways to alter these processes and make them more efficient.

By the time our call was over, I left with a solidified path and list of action items to fulfill. I highly recommend her services!

Read on LinkedIn: RH, Senior Client Accounting Specialist

Being humbly honest here, I have done quite a bit in my career. Led big teams, built global scale products, etc.

In a 60 minute coaching session with Lucia I learned more than I imagined I would have, and I came away with concrete follow up actions that I began executing on immediately after the call.

If you have never considered a business or personal coaching session before, I can highly recommend Lucia.

I feel as though I am pretty introspective, but Lucia brought out some of the best in that introspection.

Read on LinkedIn: CK, Senior Product Manager

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