Private Coaching
with Lucia Csoma
A customized-for-you plan to help you excel in a new role while maintaining a fulfilling personal life


Thrive & Love Your Job program is designed for professionals who want to excel in their careers while maintaining a fulfilling personal life. This package will help you develop the clarity and assurance needed to thrive from day one, communicate effectively, and create work-life harmony.

Who It’s For:

This program is ideal for professionals who:

What You Receive


One Initial Session - 90 minutes

Used to align on goals and assess the best coaching approach based on your individual needs.


10 Weekly Sessions - 30 minutes each

Focused on having a clear vision, strategy, identifying and overcoming barriers, developing needed skills, ensuring work-life harmony, and addressing any specific situations that may arise.


One Wrap-Up Session - 90 Minutes

Final coaching session to wrap up the engagement and solidify your progress.


Weekly Accountability Group

Join an optional weekly call with peers who are equally committed to professional growth that add another layer of support and accountability. 


Email Support

Available throughout the coaching period.


Emergency Calls

Up to 3 emergency 15-minute calls (held within 12 hours).


$2,250 paid in full
(payment plans are available)

Includes a 100% money-back guarantee
if you're not satisfied within the first 30 days.

Session Structure

Have a goal

Every session needs to have a goal. This can be exploring a specific goal and outcome or exploring a question you would like to have an answer to at the end of our time. 

Explore the goal

We will look into understanding more about: What is important about that topic? What might be getting in the way? What would you like the future to look like?


We will spend some time understanding what are you taking away from everything you have processed during our time together.  


At the end, I will invite you to identify at least one action that you can take as a result of your takeaways. 

What I Bring to the Table

Proven Impact

I have coached over 100 people who work at companies like Amazon, IBM, Accenture, Walmart, Airbus, and more.

Read my LinkedIn recommendations to see what they have to say about our work together. 

Certified Coach

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

The ICF is considered the gold standard for coaching certifications and is widely recognized as the most respected accrediting body in the field.
See credential

Mentored by The Best

I'm mentored by Master Certified Coach Marion Franklin, the author of The Heart of Laser-Focused Coaching and What Would a Wise Person Do? 

Achievement Expertise

I'm the host of the Journey to Point B Podcast, where I interview successful people about their journey to achieve challenging goals.

Watch here

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What My Clients Say About My Work

Lucia brings all of her personal and professional experience to coaching engagements, and her insights are tremendously valuable. I especially valued learning from Lucia's personal journey, and she referred me to very useful resources from her extensive portfolio of articles, podcasts, and books. I heartily endorse Lucia as a coach for your personal and professional development and growth.

Read on LinkedIn: AK, HR Leader 

Working with Lucia helped me realize the things I value most in life and pursue them in spite of my challenges. Through her unique style of coaching, I learned some of the deepest fears in my life and was able to put together an action plan to move on through life without them. 

Lucia is a great communicator and takes her time to ensure you feel confident and leave the coaching session a motivated individual.

Read on LinkedIn: TJP, Business Opportunities Developer

Lucia is a strong coach with solid coaching skills on a foundation of empathy, understanding, and clarity. She helped me create some powerful internal shifts with some work-related issues; where I found clarity and set clear goals for future success. As I created more change I could really notice the power of coaching and Lucia led me through this with so much comfort. I am hooked on coaching!

Thank you!

Read on LinkedIn: RM,  Learning and Leadership Development Coach

Lucia was incredibly inviting and easy to talk to about anything I felt had been holding me back. Throughout our sessions, her questions got me to think past certain roadblocks which allowed me to brainstorm ways to overcome those obstacles. Her comforting advice and intentional listening made me want to open up and be vulnerable. She helped me see unhealthy patterns in my thought processes and showed me how to address them and take action toward progress and away from procrastination. I highly recommend spending any amount of time with her, for there will always be wisdom gained.

Read on LinkedIn: SS, Financial Professional

Very lucky to call Lucia Csoma my coach. In just the past few weeks, Lucia has helped me identify incremental changes that have already reaped benefits in both my career and personal life, allowing me to strategize better for achieving long-term goals. Plus, she is such a joy to speak with and a delightful person all around.

CC, Business Development Representative

Lucia is a Godsend. Her sweet energy and loving ways push down all your walls. She is a person you can trust. I love how she helps me to put an order in my messy mind so I can move forward in the direction of my goals. That's a SuperPower. She can see the good in you and she knows how to bring it out. I'm really thankful to God for bringing her into my life.

Unforgettable Coach and a Beautiful Soul

SB, Photography Mentor

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